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Updated 01/01/2023


    1. GENERAL
      These terms and conditions form part of the contract (“Agreement”) between German Auto Dynamics AUST PTY LTD (ABN 321 596 335 48) trading as
      “German Auto Dynamics” (in this agreement, “we” or “us”) and the customer (in this agreement, “you”) that is formed when you book in a vehicle, or we
      agree to sell products to you.
      You acknowledge that these terms and conditions and the Service Authorisation embody the whole agreement between you and us. You agree that the
      scope and terms of the Service Authorisation (including prices and quotes) may change as a result of updated instructions from you.
      By booking in your vehicle and/or offer to buy products and/or services from us, you agree to be bound by this agreement. A reference to “products” in
      this agreement includes all parts or products fitted as part of the services we provide to you.
    2. PRICING
      All our prices and estimates include GST.
      Where Vehicle Diagnosis is required, an initial 1 Hour Diagnosis fee of $165 inc GST is payable. After this time, a quote for repairs will be generated for
      Our estimate remains valid for THIRTY (30) days. The scope and pricing of the Service Authorisation may change as a result of updated instructions from
      Should additional work be found necessary during the course of the service which would cause the estimate to be exceeded, we will endeavor to contact
      you to explain the additional work required and to seek your authorisation for the additional costs to be incurred before proceeding.
      A detailed tax invoice outlining the work carried out and associated costs will be provided once the work is completed. Payment must be made in full on
      the day of the work being completed and prior to collection of your vehicle. No Exceptions
      We accept cash, credit cards and EFTPOS and where approved, bank transfer to our nominated account. A 0.91% processing fee applies to electronic
      payment methods and a 2.2% “over the phone” transaction fee applies for Credit Card payments processed in this way. Bank Transfer occurs with no
      transaction fees and we ask that a copy of the remittance is given or be sent to German Auto Dynamics via email to allow the vehicle to be released.
      By booking in your vehicle you agree to pay for labour, parts and materials required for that purpose at our current rates and prices. You agree that where
      an estimate has been provided and upon dismantling or inspection of the vehicle, if other issues are identified, you will be responsible for payment of
      further repairs that may be required. Where such further repairs are required, you will be contacted to obtain further authorisation from you for these
      additional repairs.
      We use quality aftermarket parts and lubricants that meet or exceed the specifications of those originally fitted by your vehicle manufacturer. Should you
      wish to use an alternate brand or product or offer a “Customer Supplied option”, we have the right to refuse this request and supply the appropriate parts
      and lubricants for the vehicle at the customers cost.
      We offer Performance products designed to increase power above and beyond factory parameters. The Buyer understands that individual results may vary
      and that German Auto Dynamics makes no warranties on expected performance gains/improvements.
      The buyer has been informed that increasing performance over the manufacturers parameters comes at their own risk and the buyer has been informed
      that the vehicle should be in serviceable condition with appropriate scheduled maintenance completed prior to tuning.
      The buyer understands that increasing performance can uncover pre-existing faults that may not be obvious or recognisable prior to tuning.
      German Auto Dynamics shall not be held responsible, nor liable for any damages occurring as a result of the use of this product or service.
      The buyer also understands that this product may void any existing vehicle manufacturer warranties. The product or service may interfere with the
      Manufacturer’s diagnostic procedures and should be removed before any diagnostic testing is carried out.
      Manufacturer dealer software updates may overwrite this performance software and we recommend contacting German Auto Dynamics prior to any
      Manufacturers Software updates being carried out.
      Our goods and services come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are also entitled to have the goods
      repaired or replaced if the goods and/or services fail to be of acceptable quality . Our guarantee below is provided in addition to your rights under the
      Australian Consumer Law.
      German Auto Dynamics offers a Product / Service Guarantee Period of 15,000kms or 12 months (whichever occurs first) from the invoice date and
      kms stated on the workshop job card.
      This warranty will not apply:
      1) to normal wear and tear;
      2) where goods come to the end of their natural service life;
      3) to maintenance items such as globes, wiper blades, lubricants and fluids; or
      4) where the defect is a result of –
      a) work performed elsewhere;
      b) parts supplied by the customer;
      c) alteration, accident, misuse, abuse or neglect;
      d) unsafe or inappropriate driving practices;
      e) use of the vehicle in a competition or event;
      f) where the goods are subsequently removed, repaired or modified by an unauthorised service agent.
      g) Irregular servicing of your vehicle or its components,
      h) Ignoring warning indicators.
      Should any part be incorrectly fitted by us, or found to be defective during the warranty period, we will replace, refit or rectify the part at no charge.
      If requested, we are happy to make all replaced parts available for inspection at the time you collect your car. You acknowledge that we do not use
      customer supplied parts and they are not covered by warranty.
      Our returns policy does not affect your rights under the Australian Consumer Law. This policy is provided in addition to your rights under the Australian
      Consumer Law. You may return a product for a refund or exchange within SEVEN (7) days with proof of purchase, unless that product is:
      a. A Discontinued part;
      b. Not in resalable condition
      c. Product has been fitted to a vehicle and has been “used” which then deems the items to be non returnable.
      We will not be liable for your freight or other costs in returning products unless otherwise agreed, or where you are entitled to such costs under the
      Australian Consumer Law
      If you have a problem with your vehicle after we have carried out repairs and/or servicing, you must report the problem to us as soon as possible and we will
      work with you to resolve the problem.
      No other repairer is authorised to carry out repairs to the vehicle without our express written consent. Following communications with you, we may agree to
      pay for the cost of a tow truck to return the vehicle to our workshop. We will conduct a full inspection of the vehicle and provide you with our advice and
      opinion on the problem and the repairs required as well as an estimate of the cost. If the problem is a result of faulty workmanship that requires us to carry
      out rectification work to the vehicle, we will arrange a convenient time for the repair work to be carried out at no cost to you.
      Conversely, if the repairs required have no bearing to work completed by us, you will be responsible for the cost of towing the vehicle, as well as any
      necessary repairs, if we are instructed by you to complete them.
      If you do not collect the vehicle within SEVEN (7) days from the time it is ready for collection, a vehicle storage fee of $25.00 per day will apply.
      If we cannot contact you using reasonable efforts, or you do not collect the vehicle, within one (1) month from the time the vehicle is ready for collection we
      are entitled to sell or dispose of the vehicle by any reasonable method at your expense without any further notice to you.
      We will apply the proceeds of the sale or disposal of the vehicle to the sums you owe us and return the balance to you. If the proceeds received from the sale
      or disposal of the vehicle are not sufficient to discharge the amounts you owe us, the outstanding amounts will be owed by you to us as a debt. After such
      sale or disposal of the vehicle we will be discharged from any liability whatsoever in respect of the vehicle.
      In certain circumstances we may recommend another repairer to you. This is a recommendation only and we receive no fee for referral nor play any part in
      the pricing or operations of these independent businesses.
      We are in no way responsible nor liable for the work another repairer carries out on your vehicle, whether or not such repairs were carried out at the other
      repairer’s business location or as a mobile repairer at our business premises.
      You acknowledge that this business has installed CCTV cameras at various locations in and around the business premises and in certain locations, these
      CCTV cameras record audio. You agree to being video/audio recorded as you enter, do business and leave our business premises. This includes video footage
      of your vehicle, yourself and any passengers. This video footage may be used to assess the condition of the vehicle upon presentation to this business.
      Your In Car Dash Camera/s may have been disabled while your vehicle was in our workshop. Upon collection of your vehicle and before you leave the
      premises, ensure your camera/s are enabled.
      As your vehicle is on our premises, it may be photographed, videoed or included in Social Media posts used for promotional purposes. All care is taken to
      ensure number plates are covered/not visible during these times.
      If you do not wish this to happen, it is required that you communicate this to German Auto Dynamics staff upon vehicle drop off.
      You understand that driving an unregistered vehicle is illegal and warrant that your vehicle is registered in accordance with the state/territory legislative and
      regulatory requirements applicable to your vehicle. Where your vehicle is not registered you will ensure that you take all necessary steps to notify us that
      your vehicle is unregistered.
      You authorise us to do every act, matter and thing that we consider desirable or necessary for us to provide you with the products and/or services set out in
      the Service Authorisation in respect of your vehicle, including (but not limited to):
      a. entering the vehicle; and
      b. test driving your vehicle for the purpose of verifying mechanical repairs/services while the vehicle is in our care.
      While your vehicle is in our custody there is always a possibility of damage or loss due to such things as theft, fire, explosion, vandalism, and flying or falling
      objects. Loss or damage could also occur as a result of natural disasters like windstorms, earthquakes, hail, and flood.
      Whilst we will take all necessary steps to prevent loss or damage, some things are outside our reasonable control and we will not be held liable for any loss
      or damage to your vehicle or property as a result of these events.